Where to search for a man

Dating used to be one of the social activities where mystery played a big role and the whole experience was unique for every man you meet.

But in the age of social media and global connectivity, rules are a bit changed and there are now a couple of things you should know before you jump into that dating pool.

Finding a man

Before we even begin, you need to be clear about what kind of a man you are looking for. You cannot expect to find a man that prefers sophistication and likes attending galleries and opera at a cage wrestling match at 2 in the morning. Ok, you might but it is highly unlikely. You always have to be aware of the place where you meet the man you would like to date. Most of the time active and outdoorsy men are more likely to be found in a park or at a ball game than in the crowded bar filled with cigarette smoke on a Tuesday night. And when you look for man online, if his profile has images of his fishing gear, that should be a clue. A friend of a friend is usually the best option as it brings a certain degree of certainty that he is not a jackass. But if you are just looking for a one-night hookup, different rules apply.