The search and analysis of candidates

You have stated in the form the age you are interested in, stated your requirements for a lady’s height, eye colour – in general, you made up your own beauty forgetting about the reality.

Women rarely reveal their real age, their height might vary depending on the height of their heels, eyes might change their colour with the change of contact lenses and all the other parameters most probably will be conventional. Women are masters of transformation, well aware of the price of being attractive, which means your task is to rely on your own eyes and learn to accept all of their quirks as granted.

Photograph of the candidate

The profile photo of her form is supposed to speak loudly for itself. Most probably, she will post there an edited photo, the one that she will like herself. Artistic and retouched photos will most probably have little to do with the real appearance of the form owner. Given photo might tell a lot to a person aware of human physiognomy. The shape of the face, nose, size and position of the eyes, the wrinkles at the eyes and forehead provide a specialist with vast information regarding a person’s character and a good idea of the person herself. When you come across a photo in the form resembling with a cover of a glossy magazine – check it for uniqueness (there is such service online) and you will know enough. Usually, there are spammers or fraudsters hiding behind such sort of photos and stimulating the payment of various kinds of paid services.

Profile details of the candidate

You should really have no illusions regarding a woman’s real age and weight, but it is important to pay attention to her hobbies. These parameters might reveal a lot about the form owner. The knowledge of couple of languages indicates that a woman might have learned those languages from parents or she was living in different countries.