The best sex positions

The best sex positions personally for you would be the ones, that will make you feel comfortable.

However, there is also your partner taking part in the process besides you, who also has his own preferences and therefore, despite the kind of sex, both of you should feel comfortable about it. Comfortable, meaning natural for a particular kind of sex actions, are anything starting from foreplay and finishing stage at the peak of the sexual excitation

Best sex positions for women

When trying to give a woman maximum pleasure, many men are asking a question, with an obvious answer. The best sex positions for a woman’s satisfaction are the ones, in which, despite the kind of sex, a woman consequently and inevitably is reaching strong sexual excitation and bright orgasm. When you follow an elementary consistency in your actions, avoid hustle and rush, a woman is able to reach strong sexual excitation only from your embrace, standing on the edge of the cliff.