We delicately share completely experienced techniques and for greater understanding of important details we describe them from both male and female perspectives. We know it first-hand how effective a certain technique can be when applied at the right moment, and therefore, we will be glad when this knowledge guarantees your partner a bright orgasm and a feeling of complete sexual satisfaction.

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The discontent, irritability, irascibility and whims are far from being the full list of indicators of a woman’s dissatisfaction, and, when anything from the above-mentioned is familiar to you, it is time to look for a solution how to pleasure a woman. Woman’s satisfaction is a complex concept,...

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Sexual satisfaction is no less important for men than it is for women. Prophets of science, broadcasting on the benefits of abstinence for men, should abstain themselves, which would definitely not be a plus for their physical health. Each organ of a human’s body requires regular load and a man’s...

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When you have a girlfriend and still haven’t tried mutual masturbation with her, you are at a great loss, since none of you haven’t had an opportunity to get to know each other’s preferences better.   Suggest your girlfriend to take a journey together to the times when each of you was just...

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You want to make her feel damn good and even aware that you can make her fly in the clouds by touching her clitoris with lips and a tongue. Most probably you don’t even know that this technique is called a classic cunnilingus and still planning it in the near future…Stop here! At this point I...

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When the classic cunnilingus technic is already mastered and there is motivation to introduce an element of variety in the process, it is about time to remember your arm and the options how to use them. There are several erogenous zones at your hand’s reach at once, however, we will only discuss...

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Cunnilingus with use a clitoral vibrator sex technique

A man is able to apply clitoral vibrator much more effectively than a woman could have done it herself, provided correct and skilful approach. There is no doubt that a woman better knows and feels her own body, better knows which impact and where exactly will potentially bring her the pleasant...

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Cunnilingus combined with the impact of the vaginal dildo on the woman’s vagina entry zone

Cunnilingus combined with vagina entry zone stimulation with vaginal dildo will require care and clear understanding of the sequence of the actions. You will have to remember at which phase of sexual excitation stimulation of the sensitive vagina mucosa is appropriate and will potentially bring...

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Cunnilingus combined with the impact of the anal plug on the woman’s anus entry zone

Cunnilingus combined with anus sphincter stimulation might significantly boost a woman’s orgasm. Given technique might also serve as a preparation of her butt for anal sexual intercourse in a way which is enjoyable for her.   Woman’s anus is a sensitive erogenous zone and it would be silly...

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Confidence in yourself and your abilities should accompany any man, however, confidence in sexual relationships should be based on realistic assessment of one’s actions.   Lack of attention and self-confidence based on illusions might become a nail for fixing the horns and certain issues in...

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