There is a direct appointment to each of the sex positions. Given the physiological differences not all known sex positions will be comfortable for you or your partner, and therefore, there will be absolutely no use of them. Figure out the purpose and your possibilities in certain positions and use them competently.

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Advanced sex position using clitoral stimulator

Advanced sex positions allow to simultaneously stimulate two and more erogenous zones of a partner, which, no doubt, expands the spectrum of feelings and increases the excitation.   We can bring up as an example one of the kinds of the 69 blow job sex position, where a man while stimulating...

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The best sex positions personally for you would be the ones, that will make you feel comfortable. However, there is also your partner taking part in the process besides you, who also has his own preferences and therefore, despite the kind of sex, both of you should feel comfortable about it....

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There are numerous different sex positions known, however, not many of us took our time to think through the benefits and the drawbacks of each of the positions for their own partner. Sex does not stand egoism With the age you start understanding the necessity of satisfying your partner’s sexual...

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Crazy sex positions as described in various sources and their practical application Attempts to try some different or prior unexplored funny sex positions in sex might be interesting, informative and even bring fun sometimes. A proper warm-up should benefit and common work must bring together....

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