Preparing for the first date

You are about to have a first date which will most probably end up in the bed.

Majority of women commit the same mistakes when preparing for the first date and potential sexual intercourse.

Effective modesty

Manicured hands and legs should always be at the point since they are indicators that a woman is taking care of herself. However, you can take your time to think through the make-up and hairstyle. A man will appreciate clean and styled hair and a quality make-up, however, it is important to know the limits beyond which your real appearance, attractiveness and sexuality might lose its magic. Any single man, if only he is not blind, will become thoughtful when seeing a mask full of make-up instead of a face. If you are planning to end up with this man in a bed, then you have zero chances to keep your make-up and hairstyle, and therefore, try to be creative while still sticking to effective modesty at the same time.

What to wear?

An elegant dress, stylish shoes on the high heels and of course, stylish and beautiful lingerie… This is where the beginning to an end starts, namely an attempt to bring everything to a perfect combination of colours and style. At this point I have to take on the responsibility to articulate my own male thoughts in these regards. When you have some time for preparations, please pay attention to your body and put on the clothes you feel comfortable in. An elegant dress will most probably please man’s eyes at the condition you really feel comfortable in it and confident. High heels should be a natural continuation of your leg and when these sort of shoes are not comfortable for you, better not use it. Your man is much less interested in your underwear and therefore, you shouldn’t waste time and nerves on looking for a lingerie matching your dress in a boutique. Cleanliness, care and natural elements of your behaviour and appearance will be appreciated accordingly. When your man would ever want to see some very special clothing on you, he will take you shopping, enjoy the trying on process and pay for what he likes.

Perfume and cleanliness

I assume you are aware that perfume was invented in Europe as means allowing you to overcome body’s natural odour. In the old times the common procedure of washing a body has not been yet in the trend and people used to saturate the space around them with distinctive aromas. By being saturated even with the most expensive perfume you deprive a man of his opportunity to capture the sense of your pure body, which is known to contain certain amount of specifically your pheromones.