Preparing a woman for anal sex

No matter how strong your desire to try or repeat anal sex can be, you need to deal with the necessity of preparing your woman.

First, you should let her know about your wish to finish the sexual intercourse in exactly this way, which implies natural, in this case, preparation of your lady for such a scenario. When your woman be morally ready and will undertake all the required hygienic procedures, your chances of reaching the desired aim are increasing, which is, however, not the reason to follow your illusions. Your woman prepared herself in order to avoid possible embarrassing moments, however, she is not yet ready physically, and this is where you require knowledge, care and patience.

Let her distract herself and relax

It is necessary to create atmosphere allowing her to distract herself and forget about what you asked her for. Distract her with something pleasant. Make her a bath with abundant foam head, bring her a glass of wine, let her relax. You might distract yourselves by looking through the common photos on the phone, let her try on any underwear bought for her or any accessory.

When, how and what to start with

As soon as the face of your woman starts shining with joy and carelessness, this is absolutely natural and suitable reason for starting petting. It is important to keep the leading role and not giving her reason to be bored. Hot and passionate kisses of her lips breasts, stomach (it was already mentioned above regarding hurrying up) and you finally reached the spot, where while providing pleasure to one, you can rely on getting a bonus.

Are you ready yourself?

At this point, you should have already stored certain small but very necessary items, which you will require in order to move further. A filled lube launcher will be very handy to have. Sometime prior using it you should put it in the crook of the knee joint, which will allow the lubricant to warm up and reach the comfortable temperature. This item will allow to quickly, and without too much fuss, get lubrication for her anus. Apart from the lubricant, you should also have a miniature anal plug at the hand’s reach, which should also be warmed up to the temperature of the body (you might repeat the trick as with the lube launcher).

Preparing her butt for anal sex

When you are aware of cunnilingus technique and doing everything right, your woman is supposed to start relaxing and might have already even reached high levels of excitation. You should only approach preparing her anus at this point and it should be done gently and slowly. You should gently wipe your finger moistened in your saliva from her vagina entry zone to anus, keeping in mind her clitoris area. Repeat this action very gently and with great care, each time keeping your finger a bit longer either on the vagina entry zone or on her anus. Each time when your finger will be reaching her anus, gently and carefully massage the sphincter (it should get used to touches, which will decrease its reflections).

(!) Anus is a very sensitive erogenous zone having its own reflections, expressed in muscle ring compression. Your further actions should be aimed at her anus getting used to touching and presence of foreign item inside it.

You can hear her vaginal muscles to compress and she is obviously quite sexually excited. It is time to take out the launcher and while pressing out a bit of it right on top of her anus, you should gently spread it around her sphincter, a bit immersing your finger inside. Be sure to track the reaction of her body. When she is not pushing back from slight finger immersion, and only reacts with sphincter compression, everything is how it is supposed to be, meaning it’s time to take out the anal plug. You should deal with this item with significant care, touching her anus for some time, twisting it around, this way reaching equal spread of the lubricant at the surface. It is advisable to use the launcher again adding the lubrication on the sphincter and the plug itself.

The finishing touches

Her excitation level is reaching levels being close to onset of orgasm, which is an indicator for you to gently put the anal plug in her butt. You should do it steadily, putting it deeper slowly, taking into account the reactions of her body. As soon as the probe is inside her anus and the sphincter is compressing it firmly, it is time to complete the final stage of the preparation – put your penis inside her vagina and while keeping a close touch of your pubis with her clitoris area, let her come with orgasm.

(!) Once reaching orgasm, a woman is falling into a stage of bliss, relaxing most of the muscle groups including the muscles of the sphincter.

Your woman is fully relaxed and her butt is ready!