Oral sex hygiene for Men

Women nowadays appreciate a man who can perform a perfect oral sex, whether as a foreplay or as a finale.

In order to safely engage in oral sex, men first must pay attention to a few key details regarding hygiene. These details serve a purpose of keeping both men and women safe, but they also improve the overall quality of the oral sex experience. Here are a couple of things you should consider.

A sexual encounter most of the time starts with kissing. Naturally, you should always look to take a good care of your mouth hygiene so that you avoid an unpleasant experience, but it needs to be pointed out as well. Men usually don't think about it, but even when you want to perform a cunnilingus on a woman, you mix it up with kissing. So you can see how important is to pay attention to hygiene and here are a couple of tips.

Always brush your teeth prior to engaging in oral sex of any kind. And use antibacterial mouth wash like Listerine or Corsodyl. Especially when you mix between oral sex and other types. If you are performing cunnilingus on a woman, consider a quick sip of one of these products before kissing her. It really improves the safety of your sexual encounters. If you don't want to ruin the mood using it in the middle, make sure you sanitize your mouth at least before, and always after.

Another thing you would want to do for these this type of sex is to have a neat facial hair situation. Take care of your beard and mustache before you engage in oral pleasure, especially before you go down on a woman. It is really hip now to have a beard, but it offers upside when it comes to oral sex. Your beard might be dirtier than you think, and even after you wash your face, there is no way to be sure that your beard is clean and safe as well. So consider having it trimmed or shaved if you regularly perform cunnilingus.

Now the last thing to pay attention is the state of the woman's private area. When engaging in oral sex, you are up close with her private parts and it would be wise to take a good look at it. Inspect it thoroughly and let her know if you find any abnormality like pimples or red areas that look out of place. Also, pay attention to any unnatural odors smells and secretions. Those can all me signs of some kind of infection and need to be addressed.

Follow this simple guideline and your oral experience will be much safer for both of you.