Given the physiological characteristics, monkey sex position is not convenient for all men, however, it allows to provide a rather effective impact angle of the penis on the front vaginal wall of a woman, at the so - called G point.

However, provided the absence of the stimulating contact with a woman’s clitoris area and little probability for her to reach orgasm, this monkey position is recommended to be practiced by a man in order to finish the sexual intercourse. Due to a specific angle of carrying out frictions of a penis inside a vagina, a man might get a feeling of a rather close and pleasant contact, which will facilitate the onset of orgasm.

(!) Men should keep in mind high chances of penis slipping out of the vagina. In case of attempting to keep on carrying out frictions “on the move” and without a hand’s help, chances are high that a penis will slip down the clitoris area of a woman, causing her unpleasant and rather sore feelings.