Missionary sex position from both male and female perspectives

This is one of the sex positions where both partners can reach orgasm simultaneously while being in comfortable positions. Given position is unique in a way that besides deep vaginal penetration, a man can provide stimulating pressure on the clitoris area by pressing against woman’s pubes, this way, triggering additional stimulating effect and bringing the onset of orgasm.

Missionary position tips for a man

(!) It is important for a man, finding himself in a missionary position to keep in mind the degree with which he is pressing against the clitoral area of a woman as well as well as the frequency and the force of the frictions, which are individual for each partner. You will get it from the responsive reaction of your partner’s body, whether to speed up or slow down according to her wish.

(!) It is also important to remember, that short hairs on man’s pubes might cause discomfort when in contact with a woman’s clitoral area.

Vaginal sex provided in reverse missionary sex position

Missionary position tips for a woman

It is easier for a woman to reach the onset of orgasm while being in missionary position – on top of a man. While being on top, a woman is able to control the frequency and depth of frictions. She provides herself the most pleasant contact with a man’s genitals by repositioning her pelvis, which allows her to reach the orgasm sooner. Moreover, this position allows a man to pet her breasts, which also stimulates the onset of orgasm.

(!) A woman should know, that while being on top of a man and moving on her own, there is a risk for a man to reach orgasm sooner than her, provided the lack of control over his level of excitation.