Masturbation with her

When you have a girlfriend and still haven’t tried mutual masturbation with her, you are at a great loss, since none of you haven’t had an opportunity to get to know each other’s preferences better.


Suggest your girlfriend to take a journey together to the times when each of you was just starting to listen to your own sensations and study your body language by touching it.

You suggested – you should take the initiative

Tell her that you want to learn to touch her genitals as she is doing it herself. It is obvious that you will succeed as she is used to, but it doesn’t mean that your touches in the process of learning will be perceived with less pleasant and expected sensations. When you do not hurry and carefully follow her instructions you will learn how she feels her clitoris herself with a hand’s finger, what impact and which sequence brings her the maximum pleasure.

If you feel like she starts warming up, complement your actions by gently touching her breasts. Ask her how she would have touched her breasts herself and try to grasp the essence of the answer.

Mutual initiative

Most probably she will not stand by and would like to know what you prefer. Tell her everything without being shy, share your sensations and phantasies, correct her actions.

Opening the doors

Masturbation is the initial sexual experience for both young ladies and men. Everything what will happen between you two, besides expected sexual excitation and reaching orgasm, will provide fertile soil for improving sex quality.