Male masturbation facts

The nature of male masturbation phenomena and its reference in history, medicine and religious scriptures.

Male and female masturbation is a natural method of sexual needs ‘satisfaction. A man, while going through the puberty period, is coming across masturbation for the first time and almost subconsciously. Masturbation can be carried out on your own, with or without the use of various imitators, as well as with a partner.

During puberty (it happens even much earlier sometimes), a teenager starts self-stimulation of his penis with a hand at the subconscious level, which has to be perceived absolutely normal. In the process of manual stimulation, a future man is not only getting to know the feelings he was never aware of, but also provides blood inflow to all organs involved in the process of reproduction.

Male masturbation reflected in history

There are prehistorical cave paintings depicting a masturbating man found in different parts of the world. In IV-III millennium BC, masturbation, as well as masturbation with a partner was considered by Sumerians in Mesopotamia to be a generally accepted way of increasing sexual power. For a while, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were carrying out a ceremonial act of masturbation together with ejaculation in the river Nil.
Masturbation was perceived as one of the natural methods of getting pleasure in antique Rome and was not persecuted in any way. Greeks considered masturbation to be a natural substitute to other forms of sexual satisfaction, since sexual dissatisfaction was regarded as unnatural and harmful for human beings.
Masturbation was criticized in South and South-East Asia in the view of losing sperm, being the lifeblood of a man, which depleted him and made him vulnerable to diseases.


Majority of religions perceive masturbation negatively. Christianity defines masturbation as a sinful act. However, other are encouraging it as a way to achieve greater spirituality (Tantric Sexuality and Taoist sexual practices). Buddhism left masturbation without comments.


Male masturbation is a natural process on its own, allowing a man to satisfy his sexual needs. However, there are cases of uncontrolled masturbation and deliberate public masturbation taking place. Both of the above-mentioned cases can be attributed to physiological disorders.

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