Ladies first

It would seem, what could have been easier than you putting it in, moving a bit, finishing yourself and it is all fine, however, it is all not so easy as it seems like at the first sight, especially taking into account a woman’s needs in terms of sexual satisfaction.

She needs warming-up

You should start preparing a woman for sexual intercourse with warming-up, which is hard to do if you have barbed bristles causing discomfort while kissing or uncleaned teeth (I doubt that will also excite her). You should also remember keeping your body clean. When some women like the odour of male sweat, others might naturally dislike a man at the thought he didn’t take shower.  A woman doesn’t need much for a warming-up to be a success, however, it should be presented appropriately. Get her in the right mood, give her flowers or anything that can cause tenderness and it absolutely shouldn’t necessarily cost a lot of money. Treat her with something tasty and unusual. You should know little weaknesses of your woman for sure.

The more care – the more lubrication

Before grabbing your girlfriend’s ass, remember that there are rather sensitive areas on her body, and you will always have a chance to grab her thighs. However, keep in mind that lengthy impact on any erogenous zone might cause an adverse effect, you should know the limits and switch on time.

No place for hustle

She will appreciate your passion and desire for intimacy only in case she reaches high levels of excitation and orgasm, which is highly impossible provided your convulsive and quick actions. It is important to understand that you will have enough time to get what you want and should be a gentleman and let the lady go first, let her have a chance to enjoy as well.

A little can go a long way

It is very important to remember about a wee but very crucial woman’s body part, that will not allow a woman to have a proper vaginal orgasm when left without stimulation. Please try to keep the contact with her clitoris area when carrying out frictions inside her vagina. You should know the limits of the contact force (not quite weak but also not very strong one). If you are doing everything right, and you will know that you do from the upcoming movement of her thighs, and at this point it is crucial to keep in mind not to make any sharp movements or allow hustle (you can interrupt her and spoil everything this way)

She is ready – it’s time to act

As soon as a moan typical for orgasm broke from her lips she is all yours. Now you can firmly grab her ass and hammer away until you naturally finish yourself.