Kinds of vaginal sex for women

Various kinds and techniques of vaginal sex from a woman’s perspective.

Cowgirl Position as a kind of vaginal sex

Cowgirl Position – a woman is able to reach sexual satisfaction by moving herself on a man’s penis, which provides rather enjoyable and comfortable positions for her allowing to control the angle and the impact force on the vaginal walls and the clitoral area. Although, given kind of vaginal sex is comfortable for a woman, there is a risk of premature ejaculation of a man provided his inability to fully control the degree of his excitation.

Coupling as a kind of vaginal sex

Coupling is possible with the partners having a good sense of each other’s reactions. This becomes real due to mutual care, good understanding of the partner’s needs and the ability to enjoy the moments of intimacy. The combination of mutual interaction allows both partners to reach the highest levels of excitation and the simultaneous orgasm.

Vaginal sex using toys

Vaginal sex with toys allows experienced partners to significantly diversify the spectrum and the depth of sensations. One of the techniques of the given kind of vaginal sex implies the stimulation of a woman’s clitoris area with a clitoral vibrator by a man, at the same time, carrying out frictions of the penis inside vagina.

The other technique provides the use of special nipple stimulators in the process of sexual intercourse.

Anal plug is inserted into woman’s anus besides the frictions of the penis inside vagina for the purposes of diversifying the spectrum of sensations of a woman