Kinds of vaginal sex for man

Different kinds and techniques of vaginal sex for man

Swotting as a kind of vaginal sex

Swotting – is a kind of vaginal sex act, where a man while being at the active role is not aiming at satisfying a woman, but only opts for high levels of his own excitement and the onset of orgasm. Given kind of sexual intercourse is a natural need of man for sexual satisfaction, which allows him to reach full relief while not interrupting the act and not holding back the ejaculation.  

Stake as a kind of vaginal sex

Stake – man is able to reach sexual satisfaction while allowing a woman to carry out the stimulation of penis herself by means of frictions with vaginal walls. Given kind of vaginal sex allows a woman to choose the most enjoyable and comfortable angles and the impact force on the vaginal walls and the clitoris area. One of the drawbacks of the given kind of vaginal sex is the risk of man’s premature ejaculation given his inability to fully control his feelings and the degree of excitation.

Coupling as a kind vaginal sex

Coupling is possible with the partners having a good sense of each other’s reactions, which allows both a man and a woman to reach the highest level of excitation and the simultaneous onset of orgasm. 
Generally, the final phase allows both partners to reach the simultaneous onset of orgasm while being in the missionary position. A man is carrying out frictions of his penis inside woman’s vagina, providing a physical contact of the body with the clitoris area of a woman. This way, controlling the impact force and dynamics of his movements as well as reflecting on a woman’s reaction, a woman is able to reach the levels of excitation required for her to reach the orgasm. 
Vaginal sex with toys implies the use of the clitoral vibrator, anal plug or other accessories of sexual purpose in the process of sexual intercourse, in a view of expanded spectrum of sensations or increased level of excitation.

Vaginal sex with nipple vibrator

There is a vast variety of vibrostimulators for women’s breast nipples which pleasantly diversify the spectrum of sensations and increase the level of excitation.

Vaginal sex with clitoral vibrator

Given technique of vaginal sex provides the use of the clitoral vibrator in the process of sexual intercourse for the purposes of diversifying the spectrum of sensations and increasing the level of excitation. The use of any kind of clitoral vibrator is possible in the position X and Y. It is also possible to use clitoral vibrators of a fixed type (such as vibro-panties for example), which provide both stimulation of the clitoris area and the frictions inside a woman’s vagina. However, we should keep in mind that not every woman will appreciate the inability of changing the frequency of vibrations and the force with which vibrating element is pressed against the clitoris area and the zone of impact.

Vaginal sex with anal probe

Some women are enjoying and getting rather excited by using anal plugs together with the frictions of vagina. Given technique is applied as warming-up before anal sex, in order to relieve the reflexes of the sphincter on the presence of the alien object in the anus.