Now this is important. This is where most of the women make mistakes. It used to be only a direct contact when you are together and a daily phone call that people shared, but nowadays its IM and constant connection and takes away a lot of the mystery.

When having a conversation with your date, leave room for mystery just a bit. Whether it is a bar flirt or an IM correspondence, don't dominate the dialog. Always leave out just a small piece of the puzzle. Men love to solve puzzles and they love to be teased ever so slightly.

If you really like him, you will find if he really feels the same in those conversational details. He will try to woo you, but you must present a challenge at first. And that is not specific only to the first couple of dates. That is something you would like to maintain for as long as possible and that will keep his interest and attention completely focused on you. Conversation is a like a game of chess, and you have to be casual about it, but still use tactics and don't be glib.

Now when it comes to IM conversations, don't use too much slang or too many emoticons, instead, play with words more, use hints and references and be deliberately ambiguous at times. His interpretation of your words is really important and can tell you a lot about his personality.

When it comes to physical interaction, be independent but let him take the lead in certain situations. He should pull your chair out when you are having dinner, but don't wait for him open car doors for you. It's not nearly as effective as women think and you only project an image of a spoiled girl not that one of a lady.

Closing the Deal

Now this is another area where many make irreparable mistakes. No matter how much you like the guy, or don't for that matter, don't rush to closing. EVER. Whichever is the case, always leave room for more. A guy may charm you and you might think: that's it, I found him. But that might have been just a fluke and he might really bore you the next time you see him. Or if it happens that you find the guys absolutely repulsive at first, always leave room for one more date. He might have had a really bad night and was nervous trying to impress you. What is the worst that could happen? You go out again is that you have a conversation with another human being and maybe you grab a bite to eat? That is far less disastrous than missing out on what might be the perfect guy for you if you just gave him that second chance. Make sure you know what's behind the doors before you shut them for good.

Always remember how many times you thought you acted like a complete fool on the first date and think about it. Decisions like these require both that immediate emotional response, but you need to consider that "2-day old" feeling as well. Nobody is perfect and it may take you a date or two more to realize it. Practice makes perfect, and no one ever regretted going on too many dates. So be sure to evaluate your decision 2 times before you make it final.

All these simple rules apply to any type of a man, and the important thing to have in mind is that it takes two to make it work.