How to pleasure a woman

The discontent, irritability, irascibility and whims are far from being the full list of indicators of a woman’s dissatisfaction, and, when anything from the above-mentioned is familiar to you, it is time to look for a solution how to pleasure a woman.

Woman’s satisfaction is a complex concept, which will require you to initiate various and consistent actions, and not only efforts in the bed. Many men perceive the fact that their girlfriends are not reaching orgasm rather seriously; they start doubting their endurance abilities, size and other not quite critical matters, whereas, little things are considered to be the most important.

Analysis of reality

You will have to analyse the lifestyle of your woman and identify any actions that mentally exhaust her. It might be the work with large amounts of various data or hassle when dealing with colleagues and clients. Emotional stress is oppressing a person much more rather than physical one, and, therefore, you first have to learn to distract, enchant and other ways how to pleasure a woman.

Wee joys

You will have to use your loaf since you will not achieve the most important by getting her a standard bouquet of flowers or a bought jewellery. She should fall for your present for longer than a minute.  And the point is not in the price – it should be original and exciting not only for her, but also for you yourself (it will be rather dynamic this way). In case your woman is working, it is better to present your surprise during the free day and not straight after the sleep.

Day has turned fine

Your surprize succeeded and entertained both of you for quite a while. This is a great sign! You managed to switch her mind temporarily and send her thoughts in a different from the everyday thoughts’ direction. It is time to come up with second wee but pleasant surprize. It could be joint sauna and phytotherapy. Phytotherapy came across my mind accidentally, but nobody cancelled the effect of aromas of various herbs. A bit of wine and relaxing massage will definitely not be too much.

Glow in her eyes and blush

When you managed everything discussed above, it is time to get down to business, however, regularity and rhythm are also important here.

Important points

A woman is able to reach full sexual satisfaction at the due level of excitation during the vaginal sex intercourse only (*) given the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris area.

Your actions or how to pleasure a woman

Your petting is important for her! Cuddling, kissing and no hurrying. She should be duly “warmed–up” and the knowledge and skills of cunnilingus will be quite handy to you. Your steady actions are supposed to cause the strongest sexual excitation which will appear in her vaginal muscles contraction, and you only can penetrate her at this stage.


Men, affected by sexual arousal, tend to hurry, deep friction with high amplitude. All of the above mentioned is not appropriate in order for your woman to reach orgasm.

Proper finish

Your penis penetrated her vagina and it is important now to keep your pubes in contact with the area of her clitoris. Therefore, your aim is while maintaining the contact (exerting slight pressure on her clitoris area) restrain from the sharp frictions. Her body will advise you on dynamics and amplitude – the most important thing is to support the contact of your pubes with her clitoris. You should also try to maintain the contact and restrain from deep frictions (as it can interrupt the onset of orgasm) when a woman’s hips start moving towards you.  As soon as her hips start moving rather convulsive and more quickly – you are close to your aim, and at the finish line your intuition will suggest you the actions.

(*) Soon after a woman reached orgasm try to let her some time to relax. The condition of bliss is a part of how to pleasure a woman, and gentle kisses and words will be appropriate at this point.