How to сhoose a sex toy

Your alone sexy time just got even better. We all know that masturbation is an essential part of your day where you blow some steam off and whatever you can do to make it better is a good investment. Now you can have the best experience and this is the tool for you.

Blowjob automatic

Male automatic blowjob sex simulator

Automatic Blowjob (click on photo to see reviews)

Automatic blowjob male sex toy is fairly new on the market, but it is taking over as the top selling self-pleasure male sex toy. The performance of these male sex toys is easily comparable to the real thing, especially because you can control the pace and intensity and simply cum as hard as possible. Automatic blowjob male sex toys are made for men by men, with the understanding for the needs of a great solo experience.

You cannot get someone to suck you off whenever you feel the need for it because, let's face it, there is no bad time to receive a blowjob. But with this male sex toy, you will forget all about those troubles. In terms of the size, there are a couple of options to choose from so you can match your length and girth to best fit your member. And those options are interchangeable so if you want to remind yourself of the girl in high school with the mouth so tiny she couldn't get all of you to fit, you can. It is completely hands-free so you can enjoy the action simply control the speed and the grip. The stroking action is adjustable in all the ways necessary. You can choose the strength of the grip, speed and the full or half length of the strokes. So no need to shout our instructions to some broad that's sucking your manhood, simply control it with a fingertip and enjoy the ride. It has a lot grip so you won't have troubles holding it when your hands start to shake after you shoot a couple of loads. And believe me, your whole body will shake after a session with this male sex toy, simply because it's that good. After every load, you fill this toy with, cleaning it is really easy. You just pull the sleeve out and clean it however you want to. And in a minute, it is ready to go again.

A lot of attention during the design process was focused towards achieving that realistic feel. The material used for this male sex toy is the latest artificial skin and it gives off a great feeling. As soon as you put your pride inside, it feels so natural and makes you forget about everything else. When the action begins, you will start reminiscing about the first blowjobs you got when every touch felt amazing. This male sex toy will do that for you every time. You just plug it in or use batteries and let yourself go. Variable speed is what makes this an amazing experience and the value that is undeniable. There is no fear that it will get tired and that it needs to take a break and when you prefer your blowjob to last for an hour, now you can. This is one of those toys that once you try it, you won't even go back to just using your hands. So don't waste time and give it a try.

Fake vaginas

Realistic silicone vagina male sex simulator

Realistic Silicone Vagina (click on photo to see reviews)

Are you still jerking off using only your hand? Well, it's time to discover something truly amazing. Your masturbatory experience will become so much better if you start using realistic vaginas. It might look a bit weird when you use it at first, but the benefits are more than overwhelming. There is nothing quite like it and it makes your sexy alone time that much better.
First of all, these male sex toys are not made from cheap plastics and low-quality materials. You are putting your manhood in there so the quality cannot be anything but excellent. The material is specially designed to give you the most realistic feel imaginable. And it is a job done right. If you would use it while wearing a blindfold, most of the time you wouldn't be able to tell it from the real thing, especially if you use the right amount of lube. The material itself immediately warms up to your body temperature and the sensation is as life-like as possible. Sizes vary and you can choose from a lot of lengths and girths and switch them up from time to time to simulate different partners. This male sex toy is one of the rare opportunities to once again experience the first tight pussy you have ever had the chance to stretch.

The flashlight design fake vaginas have been the most popular male sex toys amongst the users and for a good reason. They are grippy on the outside and it makes them so much easier to use. If you are sitting or lying or whatever your fantasy requires you to, you will have no trouble stroking it with this male sex toy. There is also a fixed type of fake vaginas that get even more realistic as you have to literally fuck them. And those are really amazing considering that you are getting as close to reality as possible. There is a choice between the positions and you can choose missionary, doggy style, and many others are available. Designs can vary and you can pick from lots of different types, small lips, floppy ones, tight entry, more wrinkles or less, whatever your preference is, you can find it and give yourself the treat you deserve.

Fake vaginas are the best way to enhance your masturbatory experience and with them, your loads will become bigger and more frequent. When you shoot your load the cleaning process is quite simple and the material inside is easily washable and very durable. That is important because hygiene comes first when your manhood is in question. Rest assured that if you take a proper care of it, a fake vagina will take proper care of you. These male sex toys are designed to give the maximum pleasure and a realistic feel and they wouldn't be so popular if that wasn't the case. Once you try one of these, there will be no turning back and the days of jerking off by hand will be behind you. So why would you hesitate!?

Realistic butts

Realistic silicone butts male anal sex simulator

Realistic Silicone Butts (click on photo to see reviews)

Not many women let you fuck them up the ass and even less of them are letting you do that on a consistent base. That is really unfortunate to most of the guys since it is one of the best sexual experiences and it's a real shame if you can't have it regularly. But what if you could? Well, there is male sex toy specifically designed to fulfill that specific need.

Realistic butt is one of the most amazing ideas turned into a great product. If you give it a try, this male sex toy will become an essential tool for your masturbatory sessions. There is absolutely no doubt about. There are a couple of variations and 2 most distinct ones are palm and fixed. Palm realistic butt is like vagina flashlight, only much tighter and with a different feel. The material is slightly rougher to give off a feel of real anal sex. But still it feels natural against your cock and you wouldn't know the difference most of the time. The length and girth can vary and they are usually interchangeable so that is an added bonus. The entrance is tight and in a lot of cases, you have to stretch it up just a bit to fit your member in, which is how it is supposed to be. So lube up and fire away. Once you get inside, you will cum faster than ever before. And when you finish shooting your loads, it is really easy to clean and keep it clean and ready for repeated usage, which will undoubtedly be on a daily basis. Thanks to the design and the grip, palm butts are easy to use in whatever environment you find yourself, whether you are sitting, lying or standing.

Another type of realistic butts is a full-scale ass that has butt cheeks and everything. The main difference is that you don't stroke it with this one, you get to fuck it. They have but cheeks and everything and come so close to reality that it is absolutely ridiculous. When you use fixed realistic butt, you will experience the best feeling ever other than banging a hot babe in the ass. These also have the same material on the inside, but they have the benefit of having those cheeks made out of life-like material that feels really good when you touch it. And everything is up to scale, so when you spread those cheeks that tight hole, you will get hard even before stick it on. And once inside, good luck holding your load for more than a couple minutes. Once you try fucking one of these, you will realize that a huge part was missing all these years you masturbated using your hands. Realistic butt takes your spanking sessions to a whole other level. And loads are easily cleaned up as well and in a matter of minutes, that ass is ready to go again. That's something you won't be able to find in real life. Don't miss out on one of the best masturbatory experiences out there.

Realistic sex dolls

Realistic silicone sex doll male sex simulator

Realistic silicone sex doll (click on photo to see reviews)

Sex dolls might sound like a weird stuff, but if you really think about it, it is not any weirder than stroking it on your own using hands. But the upside is that if feels way better! And masturbation is all about the feeling and enjoyment. So having a sex doll as a tool to enhance that experience is something worth investing in.

There are a couple of types of dolls and they vary in the size, material features and usability. The usual rule is: the more money it costs, the better it is. But what most of them share is the material quality. Most of the sex doll designer’s paid special attention to the material and the feel of it. It is very important that the feels as life-like as possible when you touch and not have if feel rubbery or plastic. Many of the models managed to nail that just right. Another thing that needs to be considered is the size and weight. Depending on your preferences, you can find bigger or smaller dolls, heavy or light weight, full-bodied or just the torso, etc... Many of them contain extra stuff that they come with: wigs, sexy underwear, porn DVDs, different eyes, different color lip glosses. So basically, you can customize your doll to your specs which enhance the experience. And then we come to the important parts. When looking for a sex doll, the chest area is important. Most of them are large breasted and the material is really good and it should be because that is very important. When you grab one of those tits you want it to feel real and they usually do.

Now when it comes to having some alone time with it, rest assured that every sex doll is tons of fun. And it all comes down to your preferences, but every one of them offers an experience way better than standard masturbation. The fact that you are actually fucking it instead of stroking it on your own is what makes it special. Somehow, when you stroke it, a part of your brain is always aware that you are doing it on your own. With sex doll, especially with a quality one, that feeling quickly goes away and you get a massive enjoyment out of your spanking sessions. The reason for it comes from the ability to use it in various positions and there are angels you can use that make your cock simply hard as a rock. Using quality sex dolls really feels more like fucking than masturbation. You will realise that your orgasms are so much better than usual and your loads will be bigger. And you don't have to pull out. You simply shoot your load and clean it afterward. Most of the sex dolls are super easy to clean and it is easy to keep the safe for your dick enough that you don't have to use the condom. And when you want to put it up the ass, you don't have to ask for permission. Isn't that great? You just aim and poke. Having a sex doll is extremely beneficial when it comes to satisfying your needs, regardless of your partner and almost everybody who tried using one never got back to manually jerking off. That ought to be a recommendation worth following. Sex dolls are so good, there is a man in Michigan currently married to one, and Howard Stern had sex with one on air during his show back in the 90's. If you are single, it is a perfect tool to keep your sex drive firing on all cylinders and if you are not, it represents a way to satisfy fantasies your partner is not willing to. So if there is no downside, what are you still waiting for?