How to build a dialogue

Before you say “hi”, think of how to keep on this conversation in case of her response.

Since you are the initiator of the conversation, building the dialogue is on you. You better forget trivial questions such as “what are you up to?”, “who are you looking for?”, “what’s up?”. What you will write back in response to mutual greetings should amuse and intrigue your companion. You might be shy in the real life, however, let her appreciate this quality of yours during the personal conversation, whereas now you are a witty, funny and tactful man, who, given his busy business employment, is rarely having moments for seemingly available for everyone entertainments (women do not like slackers).

You know, that I know, that you know

Prior involving into a dialogue study and analyse her form. You will have a chance for improvisation knowing her hobbies, interests and wishes.
You: “Hi!”
Her: “Hi!”
You: “It is mentioned in your form that you are interested in xxx, whereas I am so busy with my job that I haven’t been doing xxx for ages and probably even lagged behind life”
Through short amount of words, you indicate that you studied her interests, you are in, and you obviously need a companion.

Be prepared for a dialogue

There might be a rather curious and far not silly creature sitting behind the screen, and you should be prepared that you will be asked questions on the point, and in the form, that will make you turn on your brains. First of all, you will be asked who are you working as, when you cannot spare some time for such a simple entertainment as xxx. The question will most probably will be asked casually, however, trust me, these are crucial details for her, because you have been started being studied and probed as well.