Female masturbation facts

Role of female masturbation and its reflection on various aspects of life.

Masturbation is the essential way of self-satisfaction of the sexual needs in the life of a woman and it is practiced starting from the period of puberty. Masturbation is virtually realized via stroking the clitoris, putting the fingers into the vagina or a palm of the hand, operating with various intensity and pressure. Other than stimulating genitals, women are able to further foster the degree of excitation and the onset of orgasm by means of stimulating the breast nipples, as well as the anal sphincter. The process can be implemented as a result of certain female masturbation techniques by herself or with a partner, with or without the use of clitoral vibrators, dildos or anal plugs.

Masturbation in a woman’s life

Given the physiological needs of the body to meet the sexual needs, the frequency with which a woman resorts to masturbation is potentially caused by sexual fantasies, lack of regular sexual partner or dissatisfaction in sexual relations.

Female masturbation and health

Apart from positive impact on woman’s health and mental stabilization, masturbation is also helping to shake off the feeling of melancholy, distress and strain. Due to the inflow of blood in the pelvic area, the frequency of pain arising in the lumbar region is reduced.
Amongst the known “luminaries of science” and doctors of contraindications and horror stories, there is specific emphasis on the need for personal hygiene when using vibrators and imitators. Certain doctors – sexologists are mentioning the rare cases of a woman losing the ability of reaching the orgasm when having a sexual intercourse with a partner, as well as the potential occurrence of psychological dependence on masturbation.

Fossil evidence

A clay statue depicting a masturbating woman was found during the excavations of one of the temples on the Malta island. The age of the statue was determined to be as of 4th millennium BC.

Religious oddities

The attitude towards masturbation is largely negative in terms of various world-known religions and was condemned in every way. The use of the anti-masturbation corsets for girls took place in order to protect the latter from attempts to appease their flesh.