Facts about anal sex for women

Anal sex in a woman’s life, preparation and possible risks as described below.

Usually women are practicing anal sex as a receiving party, allowing a man to carry out frictions of his penis inside their anus, which delivers strong sexual excitation to some women resulting in an orgasm. The excitation is provided by anus stimulation, which is a rather sensitive erogenous zone itself, whereas combined with a penis exerting pressure on Grafenberg’s zone (known as G point) it is resulting in the onset of orgasm.

First experience of anal sex for women.

First anal sex experience is happening spontaneous for many women, being affected by alcohol or drugs, which often causes the unwillingness of repeating the experience.
Some women manage to plan and prepare for the first experience on their own and make their man learn the basics and techniques of the anal sex, which is a rather rational approach at least to say.

Required preparation and training for female anal sex.

Any woman is perfectly aware of possible embarrassments happening not given advanced hygienic procedure and try to avoid that. Some of them understand the necessity of special sphincter trainings and start preparing long before the first experience of anal sex with a man.

Anal sex in a woman’s life.

Each woman has her own individual perception of anal sex based on the previous experience. Anal sex is negatively perceived by women, who are having soreness during the sexual intercourse given the physiological characteristics. Many of them are rejecting the new attempts given the unsuccessful first experience, or limit themselves to anal plugs.
Women, who are experiencing the onset of orgasm during the anal sex are practising it as a finishing act of the sexual intercourse. Given practice allows the couple not only to deliver strong sexual excitation to both woman and her man, but also avoid the risk of unplanned conception. In some countries, women practice anal sex as a way of avoiding the loss of virginity, and there are quite a few anecdotes in this regard.

Risk of traumas in anal sex.

Anal sex is quite traumatic and most of women avoid experimenting with unexperienced man, which is rightly so. A passionate, but not experienced “stallion” without the “brakes” and the understanding of the essence of the process is not particularly suitable for the role of a teacher to a “bad one”.

The risks of infectious inflammatory diseases.

There is a high risk of transmitting infections during anal sex, even given the absence of proven whatsoever sexually transmitted diseases of a man. Vaginal sex is most often causing vaginitis. On the other hand, a man is easily getting inflammation of the urethra (urethritis) from having anal sex. Due to above-mentioned reasons even proven partners are recommended to use condoms.