Facts about vaginal sex for a Woman

The role, techniques and the reflection of vaginal sex in a woman’s life

Vaginal sex act is a natural and one of the most pleasant methods for a woman of satisfying her sexual needs, at the condition of reaching orgasm (!). Vast variety of kinds of sex positions allow a woman to take on the initiative of being at the active role and find a rather enjoyable and comfortable position, allowing her to concentrate on her own feelings.

Active roles

In the heat of passion many men tend to carrying out actions which are not permitting a woman to reach required levels of excitation and the onset of orgasm, whereas, as it was mentioned above, vaginal sex provides active roles on behalf of a woman. This sort of “power shift” is possible given the poorly experienced partner as well as the need of a woman to control her feelings.

The role of vaginal sex in a woman’s life

Gynecologists claim that female physiology literally opts for a regular vaginal sex, and a long lasting lack of one can negatively affect a woman’s health. A regular vaginal sexual intercourse resulting in orgasm is a sort of women’s mental stabilizer.


Apart from physical perceptions, vaginal sex provides a woman enjoyment of the feelings expression, emotions, a sense of intimacy and full intercourse, allowing both partners to reach simultaneous onset of orgasm.
Orgasm experienced during vaginal sexual intercourse is usually sensed much deeper; while it is not sensed at the certain area, it is spread throughout all body in waves of heat and yeast, accompanied by incomparable pleasure. Given kind of orgasm provides rather deep relaxation throughout all organs, as compared to clitoral orgasm. It is important for men to keep in mind that women cannot reach vaginal orgasm without clitoris stimulation. Given the fact there are not so many of nerve endings at the vaginal walls, the required level of excitation is hard to reach without clitoris stimulation.

Physiological features

Muscle-constructor is actively taking part in the vaginal orgasm of a woman which is situated in the bottom part of vagina. It happens that it is not properly developed, this way interfering with the normal contractions of the vaginal muscles. This is why many women are not able to experience pleasure at certain positions without pressure happening against clitoris area, and therefore, they perceive vaginal sex as a method of delivering pleasure to her partner. The further the clitoris is from vagina the more difficult it is for a woman to reach vaginal orgasm, which requires a position of closer touch of clitoris with a man’s body or its additional stimulation.

The use of sex toys

Vaginal sex act allows diversification of the spectrum and acuteness of sensations by using various kinds of stimulators and imitators. Sometimes the use of a clitoral vibrator is a necessity given the low sensitivity of clitoris and poorly developed vaginal muscles.

Natural risk of conception

Vaginal sex act is a natural method of reproduction provided by nature, and therefore, there is a high risk of unplanned pregnancy. There are contraception methods available for unplanned conception risk prevention.

Risk of injury

In the absence of a proper amount of lubrication it is quite natural for a woman’s vaginal mucosa to get rubbed. While carrying out frictions a man’s penis can possibly sneak away from vagina and can tangentially touch clitoris or partially enter a woman’s anus in case it is not corrected by a hand when inserting penis back; this can cause rather unpleasant feelings to a woman and might end the sexual intercourse. Moreover, women having cervical bend, might experience pain in certain sex positions.