Facts about vaginal sex for a Man

The role of vaginal sex in a man's life, techniques and risks associated with it as described below.

From a man’s perspective, sexual intercourse with a woman is associated in the first place with vaginal sex, which is the source of pleasure and provides wide variety of sex positions being enjoyable for both partners. Vaginal sex allows each of the partners to take over the initiative, or to relax and follow his/her own feelings instead.

Active roles

Vaginal sex act provides possibilities of active and passive roles for a man. A man is moving on his own while being in the active role, controlling this way the level of his excitement and the onset of the orgasm. Certain positions provide active steps on behalf of a woman, which allow her to choose the angle optimal for stimulation of clitoris area and the most sensitive areas of vagina. A man needs to know the fact that a woman cannot reach orgasm based on the sole contact of a penis with the vaginal walls. It is necessary to apply techniques involving the simultaneous stimulation of both clitoris area and the vaginal walls.

The use of sex toys

Certain kinds of vaginal sex allow the use of clitoral vibrators and anal plugs.

Natural risk of conception

Vaginal sex act is a natural form of sexual intercourse resulting in conception, which is not always necessary for a man as much as for a woman. Condoms (which have a tendency to tear time to time), oral and vaginal contraceptives are used as means of preventing unplanned pregnancy. Vast majority of men prefer to take out penis from vagina in order to prevent the unplanned conception, and ejaculate on a woman’s breasts, stomach or back, depending on the position of the sexual intercourse. Given method of ejaculation does not always provide full sexual satisfaction to a man.

Risk of injury during vaginal sex for a man

My father used to say: “A fool can also break his penis” and was absolutely correct inasmuch as sex requires a throughout approach. A woman should be prepared for having vaginal sex, and her vagina is supposed to be lubricated with natural secretion, lube or saliva. Otherwise, a hasty man risks to rub the delicate skin of his penis in a rush, as well as to tear the penis brindle in some cases, which is, trust me (experienced that myself in youth), is quite unpleasant and takes long time to heal. The ones who are rather zealous and think that their penis is made out of titanium are at risk of literally bending the tool for doctors’ amusement.

The risk of infectious and inflammatory diseases

Given the direct contact of a penis with vaginal mucosa, the unprotected vaginal sex act carries the risk of transmitting infectious and inflammatory diseases from a man to a woman and vice versa.