Different sex positions

There are numerous different sex positions known, however, not many of us took our time to think through the benefits and the drawbacks of each of the positions for their own partner.

Sex does not stand egoism

With the age you start understanding the necessity of satisfying your partner’s sexual needs, which inevitably implies studying many things beyond the framework of the general education. Many surprisingly discover that their partner is made not so simply, has his own individual characteristics and preferences, and their realization will require you to apply certain techniques. Bit by bit, a scattered information starts forming a rather comprehensive and complete picture. We start better understanding the necessity and suitable sequence of certain technique, and subsequently start understanding in which position your impact will bring the most pleasure to your partner.

Expected outcome

Sexual intimacy should be pleasant for both man and a woman and should expectedly have a positive result, meaning that both partners should be rather open in their desires.

Different sex positions

Knowing the preferences of your partner you can with reasonable consistency trigger only the sex positions leading to the major effect.