Crazy sex positions

Crazy sex positions as described in various sources and their practical application

Attempts to try some different or prior unexplored funny sex positions in sex might be interesting, informative and even bring fun sometimes. A proper warm-up should benefit and common work must bring together. However, it’s entirely different matter, when people are hoping to bring pleasure to their partner by using sexual positions out of place, which are having actually nothing related to pleasure. It is hard to imagine mother or father teaching their kid sex and explaining the way the two bodies are interacting at certain sexual position. Therefore, people are learning by any chance, absorbing bit by bit information, very necessary in the life. It is worth to list all the known mines of knowledge and wonderful crazy sex positions here, and to deal with separately.

Crazy sex positions in porn industry

Given the efforts of porn industry, many men consider it normal to try to apply the crazy sex positions he has seen in the porn video on practice. Porn movies surpassed all known methods of education in terms of visualisation, however, there are still issues with this genre of cinematography regarding truthfulness. Most of the positions used by the actors of the given genre of cinematography are not applicable in the real life in order to reach pleasure. Many sex positions might turn out to be not comfortable, complicated or absolutely not possible for implementation given the various but obvious physiological characteristics. What is important for the porn director is the camera angle allowing him to capture the process itself including all the details, together with simulated emotions of the actors. The porn industry is presenting the subject of sex as circus shows including acrobatic tricks, bright make-up, impossibly long sexual intercourses and so on. It is the right time to remind ourselves on the length of a male actor’s penis. The reason for using actors with the penis’ length being above average is obvious when you carefully read the above-written. Given practice took place in the ancient Rome where actors publicly demonstrated various acrobatic porn-tricks and the viewers had something to watch.

Crazy sex positions in Kamasutra

An illustrated guide coming from the beginning of times might bring us to the idea of attempting to repeat the actions of the characters on the images. Quite possibly you will be able to repeat certain positions without any difficulties, however, there are some positions present, that will require significant sports training from both you and your partner, and when you lack one you might get injured. I am far from being wooden and even rather flexible, but it was my attempt of realizing the funny sex positions from Kamasutra on practice, that Kamasutra was the origins of yoga as sport, and let’s admit it, there is something about it.

Experience and Practice

Usually, a rather experienced partner is trying to take on the initiative from the leading one and this is the best way to learn. The ones, who are just starting to explore sexual life but doesn’t have experienced sexual partner can be strongly recommended to learn each technique, delving into the essence of the action and the result.