Cleaning the male sex toy

If you have recently purchased, or are thinking about purchasing a new male sex toy, such as a realistic mouth, vagina, or anus, then you have to both consider and keep up with the cleaning of the device.

If, after a few months of using your new pleasure hole you take a more relaxed stance toward its cleaning, then not only can you be damaging your silicone lover, but you can also open yourself up to all kinds of nasty things like bacterial and urethral infections that will drive you straight to the hospital for a very awkward conversation about why you need anti-biotics.

If you are in the habit of expelling your love juices into the hole of your choosing and skip the cleaning part in favor of a nice, long nap before you forget all about it, then you could be in for a very smelly surprise. Semen, if left out like an old cup of coffee, has a tendency to break down and “go sour”. The resulting sludge has both the consistency and the smell of urine, which should never be experienced by any human being with a working set of nostrils.

Even if you take the time to pull out as a preemptive strike against lurking bacteria, you must keep in mind that any lubricant you use on your rubber friend must be thoroughly washed from the male sex toy. If you leave any type of lube on the sensitive material that makes up your penis sheathe, you are running the risk of letting it dry on its own and not only harden the material, but cause it to crack. Some lubricants, especially the petroleum based variety, can eat right through your male sex toy and eventually dissolve it from the inside out. Not only will you be mourning the loss of a lover, but you’ll also be mourning the loss of all of the extra money that you spent to get the super realistic version of your orgasm maker.

No matter what kind of male sex toy you have, and this is especially true of the more expensive options out there, it should have come with care instructions. The manufacturer knows exactly how you are supposed to clean your material, so always follow their instructions first. Those are the guys who made it, so those are the guys who know how it should be maintained at all times.
No matter what you have, there are tips that you can follow to ensure the long life and healthy function of your male sex toy. First of all, you can always wash it in clean water. Some manufacturers make cleaning agents, but if you find yourself with one less load and an empty bottle, head to the sink and rinse it out. Secondly, make sure to turn the material inside out if possible. Bacteria loves to hide is dark, damp places and unless you let the part of your toy that actually brings you joy air dry fully, you’re running a risk. Third, and most importantly, make sure you do it after every single use. That’s not to say that you have to get up and run to the bathroom after you’ve just relaxed your entire body after a long day, but you should certainly take care of it before the lubricant has a chance to dry and well before the next time you insert yourself into it.

So, there you have it. Always keep in mind that your male sex toy needs to be cleaned. You take the time to wash your hands after you wipe, so take the time to wash your male sex toy after you ejaculate into it. It’s just good hygiene.