Cleaning the female sex toy

Whether you like to take out your electronic lover after a long, hard day and let it whisk you away to the land of orgasmic ecstasy or you keep one in your purse at all times for the occasional trip to the company washroom or just in case of a long, boring drive, one thing that you must always bear in mind, no matter what your usage habits happen to be is the cleaning and maintenance of your little, vibrating buddy.

Whatever your female sex toys happen to be made of; they must be cleaned regularly in between each and every use. They must also be cleaned properly in order to avoid damaging both the device and yourself.
If you let yourself get a little lazy when it comes to keeping things clean, or you inadvertently forget after a long night of watching Christian Grey teach his secretary how to properly file away his assets, then you are risking much more than a set of sticky fingers the next time you reach for your handheld stimulator.
Usage of a female sex toy that hasn’t been properly cleaned can lead to a host of medical issues, such as urethral infections, bacterial infections and even the dreaded yeast infection. Although the itching sensation does not look important for your health, some bacterial infections can land you right in the hospital where you’ll have to explain that you need anti-biotics because you simply loved yourself a little sloppily, and no one wants that.
Cleaning is doubly important if you share your female sex toys with other people. Naturally, we’re talking about sex here and not suggesting that you and your roommates have a giant bowl labeled “Take a dildo, leave a dildo” in the kitchen. If you and your lover share the same devices, you could inadvertently be sharing some very diseases between each other from simple usage, not to mention very serious consequences of STD’s. Make sure that both you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to sexual health.

Simply put, you absolutely must clean your femal sex toys in between each and every usage. Chances are that the manufacturer of your device included care instructions in the box. If you still have those, then you should follow them to the letter. It’s the manufacturer who knows how to best clean and maintain your device and the material that it is made out of. They want you to have a very long and happy life together with your B.O.B., so let them help you.
There are, of course some general guidelines that you can follow for any given female sex toy out there. First off, if your female sex toy is battery operated, be sure to remove them and clean the female sex toy with a damp cloth. There are cleaning agents around that you can use, however, test them for safety first on your specific material. Using the wrong stuff may result in damage to your favorite play pal.
Secondly, remember that silicone can me boiled. If you really want to get it clean, which you should, simply drop it into boiling water for five or ten minutes. Once the time has passed, set it out on drying rack and wait until the item is ready for use again. Obviously, do not use the female sex toy while it’s still hot. It doesn’t matter that the pool boy just showed up next door and you can see him working in his short shorts again. No one can enjoy a scalded vagina.
Third, stay away from antibacterial soaps. These may seem like a good idea, but the soap can get stuck in any of the ridges or crevices in the material of your female sex toy and transfer itself to your lady parts. This will result in an infection and you’ll have to head back to the doctor and explain that this time you need meds from loving yourself too carefully.

So, there you go. Always remember to clean your little lover and be safe. If you take care of your little buddy, then it will more than take care of you.