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Chaturbate is a live cam site, but with a slight twist. It is a membership-based social network with some pretty interesting features.


It is sort of a gallery of members that interact and have fun. The best way we can describe Chaturbate is porn reality show where you get to interact with the person on the screen. There are some really interesting features and we had quite a bit of fun exploring everything this platform has to offer.

Design and Interface

Chaturbate focused their design on functionality. It looks quite simple because it is, but this is amazingly effective. There is no need for anything to look flashy or charming, even the colors don't matter. There is nothing to distract you from the actual content and that's really refreshing. Also, the complete interface is minimalistic and has only the main navigational buttons. A complete focus is shifted towards the selection of the cam room you find appealing. We love the approach the designers took and it makes Chaturbate unique in a sense, and mildly reminiscent of the charm first porn sites had.


Now this is where we really like Chaturbate. They took an already proven live cam idea and added a really interesting spin on it: they made them free. And not free like: have a peek, then pay to continue. We mean really free. With a basic membership, you can watch any live cam show you like. The difference here is that they introduced tokens. Viewers tip tokens to the models and when enough of them is collected to reach a milestone, she performs a task designated to that milestone. It makes an entire experience so much more interesting. It's like reality TV. And they kept the private feature as well, so if you really like a particular model, you can get her all to yourself in a private show.

All the girls are super lovely and the variety is simply amazing. You will have no difficulty finding a girl that gets you going. And the viewership just goes to prove the point. Top girls have no fewer than 3000 people watching their shows at any time. So you know that milestones are getting reached quite often. And the models are genuine amateur models, the kind you can meet every day.  Another great surprise to us was the community. Unlike many of the other live cam sites, Chaturbate has a thriving membership community where interesting topics are being discussed and it is strictly moderated so there is no harassment.
This is one of the best cam sites and they are amongst the cheapest ones as well. While competition focused on the design and having the site brand be popular, Chaturbate focused on user experience and in our opinion, they offer a great one.

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A lot of chat rooms with friendly models. Free preview! My rate is 5*
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