Anal Sex Preparing

Tips for women on how to prepare for anal sex

Your man or you yourself might be the initiator of anal sex, however, it is important to remember the fact, that an attempt conducted without prior due preparation may completely discourage both of you from repeating it again. It is important not to hurry and prepare yourselves properly.

Your man

I suppose that his desire will be a good stimulation for you to study recommendations for women as to how prepare yourself for anal sex. There is also no doubt that he will carefully study the technique, precautions and will take care of buying everything necessary.

Your hygiene

This phase includes prior cleaning of the rectum from the unwanted elements. There are special nozzles on shower, enemas and special mixtures for these sort of procedures. Cleaning with water is implemented in 3-5 steps and should not be conducted under high water pressure or large amounts of it.


Even if we take into account that your man took care of lubrication, it will be appropriate to prevent unnecessary micro traumas by putting some amount of it inside by yourself. This can be done with a finger or with a special lube launcher provided for such purposes.

Sphincter training prior anal sex intercourse

When you never had anal sex before you better take care of prior training in advance. The training includes regular insertion of the anal plug for various time periods, allowing your sphincter to be trained to relax. There is a special set of plugs of various diameters allowing to train your sphincter muscles to stretch gradually, enabling you to avoid soreness and traumas.

First steps

Prior the initial contact of your anus with a man’s penis it is recommended to conduct several trainings in order to work out the consistency in actions. A man should be informed that when you do not feel fully confident if what he is doing is right you are concerned about the result and this should be duly perceived.