Facts about anal sex for a man

Anal sex for man, techniques and its reflection on the various aspects of life.

Anal sex is practiced by men in the active as much as in the passive role. While being at the active role a man is carrying out stimulation of his penis inside the partner’s anus, which is significantly more enjoyable as compared to penetrations inside vagina given the stronger crimping exerted by the anus sphincter on the penis. Different kinds of anal sex provide the possibility for a man to carry out frictions inside a woman’s anus, as well as allowing her to move on the penis on her own.

A man is able to experience excitation from anus sphincter stimulation, while being in the passive role. Anus sphincter stimulation is also practiced for the purposes of sensations gain during orgasm, which is reached by masturbation, oral or vaginal sex act and can be carried out by hand’s fingers as much as using anal plugs and other accessories as intended. The effect is explained by the fact that at the onset of orgasm the anus sphincter is shrinking and crimping the object which is inside, this way adding to sensory acuity.

In the case of direct stimulation of the prostate gland there might be a strong sexual excitation and orgasm, which exactly the reason why some men are taking on passive role. When the partners are heterogeneous a woman, not having a penis, is carrying out frictions in the man’s anus with an anal dildo, stimulating this way a man’s prostate.

Anal sex and infectious inflammatory diseases.

The rectum acts as the organ which excretes the digestion products and has a distinguishable flora and abundance of different bacteria as compared to female vagina. There is a high risk of various pathogens getting into urethra during the unprotected sex (without a condom), which in turn can cause different infectious and inflammatory processes. Receiving party is also not protected from infection transmission.

Risk of traumas of the receiving party during anal sex.

The sphincter and the rectal mucosa are rather vulnerable to traumas, which require practicing anal sex with greater care. A lack of lubrication, lack of sphincter stimulation and rather aggressive action might cause scratches (cracks) on the mucosa, as well as vascular rupture. As assured by proctologists, getting overly involved into practicing anal sex can lead to rectal prolapse and fecal incontinence, however, these are very rare side effects.


There are images found in the pyramids of the ancient Egypt, which prove the practice of anal sex act in those far away times. Cleopatra, being a priestess of love, was practicing anal sex with a special predilection. The popularity of the anal sex in those times might be explained by the possibility of unplanned impregnation avoidance.

In the antique Greece anal sex act was encouraged by considerations of respect to a man. When indulging into anal sex a woman was sort of abandoning her femininity; they used olive oil in order to ensure anal sex did not cause pain.

Apart from above-mentioned historical facts there are plenty of others, however, this is a topic for a rather expanded historical research.