Advanced sex positions

Advanced sex positions allow to simultaneously stimulate two and more erogenous zones of a partner, which, no doubt, expands the spectrum of feelings and increases the excitation.


We can bring up as an example one of the kinds of the 69 blow job sex position, where a man while stimulating a woman’s clitoris is also able to impact the vagina entry zone and/or the anus with a hand’s fingers.

69 oral sex position with vaginal sex toys

Advanced sex positions and sex toys

In the above mentioned sex position a man, while doing cunnilingus, is also able to stimulate vagina entry zone and its walls using a dildo (with and without vibration), and applying special anal plugs to stimulate the anus.

advanced sex position zoom

Possible variations of advanced sex positions

Provides simultaneous stimulation of a woman’s clitoris using a vibrator and the stimulation of vagina or anus with penis.

the classic oral sex position with vaginal sex toys.

It is possible in the classic sex position to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and vagina entry zone or anus.